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This is a picture of my future wife! I posted this so you guys everywhere could support us by telling someone about my blog. We havent gotten a lot of hits since 2011 and I know that I havent been posting things like I should but I am always on facebook. I cant wait to be married! Follow us even in the Ukraine, I love you guys! -Steve French

To all my recent visitors, thanks for the support. Any feedback will be appreciated!!! I have been playing a lot of Black OPS 3 and I am proud to let everyone know I am engaged to be married! I am engaged to a wonderful woman in the Ukraine and her name is Katyusha. I am very over protective of her and you will unfortunately not be getting a picture until I feel more comfortable. Im sorry guys, lol. But in other news I have figured our an inexpensive way to get business plans professionally printed on

I print mines in magazine glossy format and they are extremely professional and very inexpensive. The first one I printed was $9.98 for a 24 page magazine. All you need is Adobe Indesign. I love all of you and we still need more support. We are an upcoming Hardware firm with a lot of Anime like Ideas for the military. We appreciate all of you up to date. Thanks a lot from the Marrero Family and hope to give you all more in the near future. See you guys soon!1417600_1005721736137346_7978410651553280114_o

Hello to all my friends, please keep us alive by spreading the word of our blog and makings sure people check us out if you think were worth it. I just picked up this game and, think its EXTREMELY worth it for a multitude of reasons. 2 of them being that I am moving my companies overseas to the Ukraine and I love Zombie flicks. This game is for PS4 and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! If you have any suggestions or would like to have us critique something PLEASE do not hesitate to let us know. We HIGHLY encourage it and welcome it thanks. Hope to see you in Nazi Zombie Germany 1945 soon! LoL see ya or Ja~Ne. Oh yea, also as CEO of my Military Independent Contracting Firms I am going to be taking classes in Ninjitsu soon to add to the long list of other Martial Arts I know! Isn’t that just the coolest?!…


My company is currently trying to re-locate overseas to the Ukraine. I will be furthering everything from my education to landing new military contracts overseas. I actually had American contacts waiting but due to an unfortunate circumstance I will no longer be doing business with the United States or Western World…… The picture to the left is a military war vehicle I have perfected and will be marketing to the entire free world……As we all know, money talks. I apologize for not having any posts in the past 1.5 years but I was a victim of circumstance. Hopefully I can devote a little more attention to WordPress and provide all of anyone who is interested, a view on what my intentions are. Thanks again and, see you in the Ukraine sooner than you think!!!!!








"You wish!"

“You wish!”

Funny…. As I sit here and think of how much more time I could literally waste making free money, before I actually start my Military line of products….I actually wonder who is going to be left after im done….. Now, I don’t mean to be preachy but like the man said…”The absence of evidence, is not the evidence of absence!”. Meaning, just cuz I have not built my prototype yet does not mean I am incapable of doing so….Million dollar projects usually DO take time if you want to do them right! But alas….I still digress that when I am done all my competition will be shattered!!! So don’t misconstrue what im trying to say but…. There is no hope for the rest of you….Ive been doing this, lying in wait for over 2 decades….So still….Good Luck!!!!!!!



“The truth that lies in-between it” “Your Terminated!”



Power Demo












"Oh, my!"

“Oh, my!”

Hello everyone. I would like to let you all know that is back up to as long as possible and the first few customers will receive 20 percent off our merchandise. Thank you all and, I hope to hear from you guys soon. See ya!

"One of our Brand New T-Shirt's"

Check out our Brand New T-Shirt’s and Hoodies on my web site. gurl Machines LLC is proud to offer the last post’s image in T-Shirt for Females and Males. Later tonight I will be Photoshopping a Version and we will proudly be offering them to the public. Either tonight or tomorrow I will be drafting a Male Version of the T-Shirt as well. Thanks a lot for all of your support guys! And please, treat yourself to a t-shirt. Our costumes should be out sometime this year, but as you all know…Hybrid Costumes are usually found in the Special Effects Industry and, for something as advanced as our products the capital is a problem…Check back for more updates later, See you all later!

P.S……UPDATE….Due to last years Christmas Party Cancelletion. We will be trying to re-schedule it for this year. We either want a Customer/Investor Mixer where both parties will listen to a presentation about our products. Or a dinner meeting with Investors only at either Sonada’s Japanese Cuisine or Benny Hannahs. If the group decides a short meeting is best, then I would suggest meeting at the local library and reserving a conference room for convienience. See you soon!

What is your artistic opinion on this?

Come visit us and view all the updates that have been added as of Feb 8, 2012. Also follow us at search for gurl Machines LLC or Andy Marrero. One of them should pop us up. Either or, that URL is for people who are able to push the envelope with Photoshop. Above is a small project that I belted out pretty fast…Hope you guys enjoy!

Sorry for having missed you guys this Christmas but, I was just released from the hospital with type 1 diabetes and high blood pressure. Hopefully the video I made kept you guys happy. Its pretty late and I thought Id wish you guys a Happy New Year in advance and hopefully I will have something for you guys. ttyl bye!